What GEM Team Solutions offers

  • Software development and maintenance (analysis, design, implementation, test, and maintenance)
  • Individual software development, adjusted exactly to your needs
  • Experience with projects for medium and large sized companies, as well as reseach facilities.
  • Each of our software engineers has more than 10 years experience in software engineering.

How GEM works

Exact analysis of the existing structures and processes.

In collaboration with the client a system is defined, which meets exactly the needs and does what it is intended for: reduce costs

We think the following goes without saying:

  • Clarity: we don't talk "computerish", but speak your language
  • Optimal usability and easy configuration: the easier the use of the system, the higher the efficiency, and lower is the risk of errors
  • Completeness: no important detail will be dropped
  • Accuracy: makes sure that no data will be lost while running the system
  • Fail-safe: system stability during critical processes avoids you getting nerve-wracked
  • Capability: the system is waiting for the user, not vice versa