IFC Zertifizierung für Baurichtlinien

G.E.M. Team Solutions has successfully achieved the first stage code checking certification of their IFC 2x Utility for Autodesk® Architectural Desktop. Previous certifications checked a geometrical view of the model data exchanged via the IFC interface. With this geometrical view it is possible to solve coordination scenarios. E.g. it is possible for an architect to pass the model data to the building service engineer, in order to let him do the pipe planning. When the architect gets the model data back again, he can verify the data and pass them on to the one doing the planning of the electric installation. Exchanging topology data - data which describes the spatial relationship between objects - allows the CAD application a more abstract view of the model. The code checking view enables the CAD application to support a more abstract view of the model by exchanging information of the spatial relationships of objects. In order to do this the IFC interface of ADT is using the new technology of Spatial Relationship Graphs. Due to the additional exchanged information it is possible to run automatic checks of the model data, like checking the length of the escape routes, or checking that all doors are opening in the direction of the escape route. In Singapore they plan that building projects have to deliver IFC files to the Singapore's Building and Construction Authority (BCA). Then the BCA can automatically check for violations of instructions and regulations. Read more about CORENET (COnstruction and Real Estate NETwork) under http://www.corenet.gov.sg/. A second certification stage - focusing on real business cases - is planned for spring 2004.

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